arrietty 2010 m720p bluray- x264-bird

arrietty 2010 m720p bluray x264-bird
language: japanese + subs : japanese/english/french/korean/chinese
1h 34mn | x264 1280*692 2700kbps | ac-3 6 channels 640kbps | 2. 21 gib
genres : animation | family | fantasy
imdb - info

14-year-old arrietty and the rest of the clock family live in peaceful anonymity as they make their own home from items "borrowed" from the house's human inhabitants. However, life changes for the clocks when a human boy discovers arrietty.


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cbt nuggets microsoft 70-680 windows 7 configuration

cbt nuggets microsoft 70-680 windows 7 configurationenglish | mov | 640x480 | avc - 139 kbps | aac - 128 kbps | 1. 65 gb
genre: training
wouldn%27t it be great to administer every aspect of windows 7, including: installation, daily administration, optimizing configuration, and troubleshooting reliability and performance issues? After watching this great training series from james conrad, that%27s exactly what you%27ll do. And you%27ll be thoroughly prepared for microsoft%27s 70-680 exam. Soon you%27ll be your organization%27s go-to person for selecting its os, installing that os using mass deployment methods, performing advanced troubleshooting and administration.
what you%27ll learn:
* video 1: series introduction |04:05
* video 2: installation part 1: clean install |45:22
* video 3: installation part 2: upgrade and migration |37:30
* video 4: imaging part 1: creating a reference image |47:42
* video 5: imaging part 2: capturing and deploying a reference image |28:11
* video 6: imaging part 3: preparing system images |01:05:33
* video 7: imaging part 4: configuring a vhd |40:23
* video 8: configuring devices |44:10
* video 9: managing disks |51:30
* video 10: managing applications |36:14
* video 11: application restrictions |43:50
* video 12: internet explorer |38:58
* video 13: ipv4 networking |56:44
* video 14: ipv6 networking |27:24
* video 15: wireless networking |39:44
* video 16: windows firewall |44:31
* video 17: remote administration |36:29
* video 18: accessing resources part 1 |42:29
* video 19: accessing resources part 2 |34:40
* video 20: authentication and user account control |46:10
* video 21: remote access |50:19
* video 22: mobile computing |59:58
* video 23: monitoring systems |48:23
* video 24: configuring performance |27:28
* video 25: windows updates |26:11
* video 26: backup and recovery |34:59

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autodesk building design suite ultimate v2012 r1 (x32/x64)-*iso*

autodesk building design suite ultimate v2012 r1 (x32/x64)-*iso* | 17,32/18,05 gb

tools for deisgn and construction. Autodesk building design suite ultimate 2012 is ideally suited for construction professionals and offers the power of bim and an advanced set of comprehensive tools for design and construction in a single economical and convenient package.

ngok toi (2010) dvdrip

ngok toi (2010)
aka: womb ghosts
dvdrip | rmvb | 640x360 | rv40 @ 383kbps | mp3 @ 64 kbps | 01:28:28 | 289 mb
language: cantonese | subtitles: english (hordcoded)
genres: horror
imdb rating: 5. 5/10 (97 votes)
director: dennis law[/center]

life after death of a fetus inside a woman